What are the most important digital marketing skills?

Digital marketing audit is a popular digital marketing certification program for companies looking to boost their digital marketing programs.It focuses on developing a portfolio of digital marketing strategies and techniques, including how to create compelling digital content and how to target potential customers based on their interests and needs.But digital

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Which digital marketing strategies are most effective?

Digital marketing strategies that work for you may be just as effective as digital marketing tactics that work in the future.Here’s what they are and how they work.1.Focus on the right customer.The first thing you need to do when launching your digital marketing campaign is to make sure you’re targeting

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What to do when you don’t have the time to work with a design agency: A lesson from a former digital marketing executive

The lesson from one of my biggest challenges was to work in a small space with little staff and a small budget, a fact that I found quite difficult to accept when I first started out.While I loved the company, I felt that it was lacking in value and talent.The

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How to secure a digital marketing contract

Posted November 08, 2018 12:18:31 When you want to work for a digital agency, you may be wondering whether you should sign a contract or whether you’re better off looking elsewhere.Here’s what you need to know to get the best deal.1.Signing a digital contract is a must If you’re considering

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How to get the most bang for your buck with digital marketing terms

Digital marketing terms have become increasingly common in the marketplace, as well as in the marketing world, as more companies are taking on digital marketing in an effort to increase sales and grow their business.The infographic below outlines some of the best digital marketing services and services that you should

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How to make a $25,000 ad in 3 weeks? Here’s how to create a viral campaign

Posted September 19, 2018 12:01:30 If you’re an advertising professional who wants to raise money for a campaign you’ve already launched, you might want to check out this free digital marketing eBook.Written by digital marketing expert Michael A. Smith, it’s designed to help you understand how to generate a viral

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