Tech companies are buying digital ads in the name of helping veterans: Tech execs say they are buying ad space in their name.

The digital marketing industry is an incredibly competitive one.

Digital advertising is a massive $5.4 trillion market in the United States, according to the Digital Advertising Alliance, and the industry is poised to continue to grow over the next two years.

That’s a lot of money, and it’s growing rapidly.

That money is coming from a variety of sources, including a $4.3 billion increase in advertising spending in the US in 2016, and a projected $5 billion increase next year, according the Advertising Analytics Research Center.

That number is projected to increase to $5,000 billion by 2023, according TechCrunch.

With that kind of money coming into the industry, it’s no wonder companies are looking to use it in their advertising campaigns.

They’re investing in technology, using it to improve their products and services, and they’re trying to get the word out.

The digital advertising market is booming, but it’s also growing at a slow pace.

That has many of the same problems as traditional media—the problem is, there’s just not a lot to get people excited about.

The problem is it’s a very young industry, and there are some serious hurdles to getting the digital advertising message out there.

In a recent study, digital ad agency Creative Strategies found that only 8% of digital ad spend actually reached consumers.

That represents less than 1% of all digital ad spending in 2016.

The biggest challenge in digital advertising is getting people to buy ads, says Michael Gartner, a senior media strategist at Creative Strategies.

“The digital advertising ecosystem has been built on top of the old digital ad market, so there’s a huge amount of inertia,” he says.

“And so there is a huge need for people to understand the ecosystem better.”

What’s driving the digital ad space?

Gart, who is also an author on the digital marketing study, points to three major factors driving the growth of the digital market.



Mobile is growing at an alarming rate.

In the past few years, mobile has become a dominant advertising platform, according Google Analytics, which tracks how users access the web.

That growth has been driven in part by new platforms like Google’s Play Store, which allows users to download apps and services directly from Google, and Facebook’s Graph Search, which helps advertisers find relevant ads on Facebook.

Gart points to a number of ways mobile has impacted the digital marketplace: Facebook ads are now available to mobile users via mobile apps, and Google’s AdSense is helping advertisers target mobile users.

That means that if a mobile user goes to a new site on the internet and clicks on an ad, Google is getting a cut of the revenue.

“Google has a lot more power than Facebook in mobile,” Gart says.

But Gart also points out that mobile advertising isn’t always as profitable as it was before.

“We’re seeing ads that are not earning as much as they used to,” he adds.

“I think mobile ads are just starting to pay their fair share.

We’re seeing it with YouTube and YouTube Live.

So it’s really just a matter of time before mobile ads start to get some traction.”


Google’s dominance.

Google is one of the most dominant online advertising platforms in the world, and its advertising arm, Google AdWords, is the industry’s largest ad buyer.

The AdWords ad buyer is a subsidiary of Google, which buys ads for other websites.

Google AdSense, which is used to pay publishers, also gets a cut from ad sales, but Gart argues that Google Adsense has lost some of its market share in the past year.

“It’s definitely less relevant to the advertisers now,” he said.

Google has a strong presence in search, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Garts says that the number of advertisers using Google’s ads is declining in the coming years, and that this could be a good thing.

“They’re going to continue growing,” he argues.

“There’s a big push in the media space for brands to get out there and say, ‘I want to be the brand in this space.'”



AdWords is one way advertisers can get paid.

Ads are sold through AdSense in Google’s ad buying program, where Google uses advertising to help advertisers find, buy, and monetize ads on the company’s platforms.

Google doesn’t get paid for ads on Google’s platform, but AdSense helps it get paid by advertisers for its ads.

The ad-buying program’s reach is still relatively small, but advertisers are seeing that AdSense has been able to make a big impact in the digital space.

Advertisers who spend $20 or more per month on AdSense can get a discount on their ads.

That is the kind of deal that helps to make AdSense a huge

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