Dafo and the ‘Million Dollar Challenge’ video will have its own website

By KEVIN WALLACE, Associated Press A new video from the Dafos marketing digital institute will make its debut on ESPN.

The video will feature a host of NBA stars and athletes including Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, among others.

It’s part of the DAFO’s ongoing effort to promote its digital marketing efforts to athletes, as well as NBA players and their families.

The company, which also operates its own video game business, said the video will highlight the “biggest story in the world of sports.”

“The biggest story in sports is how sports inspire and motivate fans and athletes across the world,” Dafoos president Steve Cottrell said in a news release.

The video, called “The Million Dollar Challenge,” is part of a partnership between Dafons digital marketing arm, DafoSight, and ESPN. “

We’ve been on the ground in every state in the country with this project, and it’s great to be able to finally show the people who’ve supported Dafoa over the years that we’re committed to creating this new video.”

The video, called “The Million Dollar Challenge,” is part of a partnership between Dafons digital marketing arm, DafoSight, and ESPN.

“This is the beginning of something big,” said Cottrel.

“With the success of this video, we want to continue to build on that and create even more great content.

This will be a fun and educational project, for sure.”

ESPN has been promoting its NBA content through DafOights YouTube channel for the past three years.

Development Is Supported By

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