What’s happening to the digital advertising industry? infographic by The Huffington and The Atlantic

2.5K Shares Share In this article Share “I’m going to make this short and sweet: The future of the digital ad industry is coming.

We’re all going to be in this space for the long haul,” the president said.

“There will be some great companies that make money.

But there will be many that make it by just doing their job.”

In addition to the companies in the top 10 percent of revenue, several other companies are already on their way out.

Facebook, for example, is losing a third of its revenue.

Uber, meanwhile, is going to have to find a way to make up for the losses made in the first quarter.

And Alphabet, which has the biggest market cap, could soon be going the way of Apple, which was once a pioneer in digital advertising.

Alphabet’s goal is to keep its ad business intact for as long as possible, according to executives, who say the company has invested more than $50 billion in its ad network in the last year.

Alphabet did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We’ve spent $60 billion in the past year to build out our advertising businesses and we’ve invested more in our advertising networks than we’ve ever done in the history of our companies,” a company executive said.

But, in the short term, Alphabet has been looking at ways to stay in the digital space longer.

The company has said it’s working on an ad-free version of Google’s YouTube and is already experimenting with ad-supported video ads.

And it has begun experimenting with video-on-demand streaming services.

Alphabet also is working on a new version of its YouTube for Android, which would replace the old app.

Alphabet already sells ads in the video-viewing space, but the company is looking to expand its reach in other areas, too.

Alphabet will soon be launching a new ad platform called the AdSense platform, which is designed to allow advertisers to run branded ads on Google search and other search-relevant content.

The platform will let advertisers target and display ads across various types of content, from podcasts to the Daily Show to Google+ photos.

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