‘We’re not going to lose this’: The digital marketers who’ve been hit by the Brexit referendum

Digital marketers have been under intense scrutiny over the past few days.

Some of them have taken to social media to explain why they are losing business.

Others are even sharing personal experiences with the impact of Brexit on their lives.

And then there are the companies that are simply not doing enough.

The UK’s digital marketing giant, DigitalMarkets, which represents over 500 digital companies across industries, said on Tuesday it was closing its doors for good, with the UK government threatening to withdraw financial aid if digital services firms fail to meet the UK’s new digital marketing guidelines.

“Our clients are in this for the long haul and our customers are in the long run.

DigitalMarketing’s business model is based on providing the right services to our clients,” the company’s chairman, Mark Hetfield, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We have a unique position to deliver a superior customer experience to all our customers and this includes the digital marketers.”

DigitalMarkets has already lost millions of pounds due to the Brexit vote, which left many businesses with very little time to prepare for the future.

But it said it would not be forced to close its doors, despite the threat to UK aid from the government.

“DigitalMarketing is a company that believes in the power of the internet to enable the sharing of value across the world,” Hetfields said.

“Our businesses are able to leverage the opportunities created by the web in the UK.”

We have had a very positive experience in Britain.

We have not seen the impact on our clients in the way that we would have expected, but we will continue to work to deliver the right service for our clients and customers in the future.

“Digital marketers who are worried about the future of the industry have responded to the news by creating their own digital marketing campaigns to fight the government’s decision.

Some have even created their own apps and websites to help them communicate with customers, while others have created new apps to help people navigate the UK digital economy.

DigitalMarketers has also come under fire for not giving full support to businesses, leaving them struggling to get their digital campaigns up and running in the event of a shutdown.

But Hetfeld told Newsweek that it was not just the UK Government that was facing a financial crisis.”

The UK is facing its own financial crisis and there is a huge amount of uncertainty around the future,” he said.”

This is not a new problem.

It’s been going on for a number of years.

It will continue for many years to come.

“Digital marketing companies are not the only ones feeling the strain of Brexit, with others facing problems with their digital advertising and digital marketing strategies.

Many of the largest advertising agencies have been unable to find work after Brexit, leaving many digital businesses scrambling to stay afloat.

And that’s not all.

The digital marketing industry has been facing a slew of new regulations, with a number being introduced this week, including new advertising standards and a requirement that companies advertise their services on social media and other platforms.

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