‘The Best of 2017’ is a year in review

Polygon’s “The Best Of 2017” is now in its fifth year.

We’ve put out five pieces of digital content and collected the best of 2017 into a single, unbroken piece of content.

Here’s the story so far:This is the first article we’ve published on Polygon.

You can read all of 2017’s “Best Of” content here.

We had some challenges with the format of the piece.

For one, we couldn’t do a full story on the entire year.

Instead, we’re just including the best content we’ve ever put out on Polygons site.

So, the best we’ve done is a short review of a specific year or a particular quarter of 2017.

The other problem was that we could not cover the entire calendar year, which is why we’re also including a section called “2017.”

That’s not all that is available on the site, but we’re hoping to expand it in the future.

This year, we focused on the first half of 2017, the year we’ve had the most fun, the most content, the biggest milestones, and the biggest controversies.

It’s also the year that we started to see some of the best games in the world released.

That is, the game that started it all.

There were so many amazing games released in 2017.

We started the year with a huge list of titles we hope you’ll enjoy, including:FIFA 18, the sequel to the popular football game.

It’s been a year full of incredible experiences, including the most successful console launch in history, the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a very big announcement for the Xbox Scorpio.

We have the best gaming experiences on any platform in history.

You’ll be amazed at the way the best players, developers, and publishers all took part in 2017, from the biggest names to lesser known and underappreciated names.

We couldn’t have asked for a better year to celebrate.

The best of it was also here, as we cover everything from the world’s most famous games to the best new titles.

It includes:Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the next-gen multiplayer shooter that launched in 2016 and features an all-new campaign.

It also features some of your favorite multiplayer maps from the series.FIFA 19, the latest version of FIFA, the all-time-best-selling sports video game franchise.

It was an incredible year for FIFA, as the franchise went from being a niche and niche-less business to a massive, global phenomenon.

It became the most popular sports video games franchise of all time and it helped propel the entire video game industry to a new level of popularity and revenue.

The next-generation FIFA franchise is the biggest in the series, but it is also the most controversial, with EA and its FIFA team repeatedly making the most of the public’s negative perception of the franchise.

We wanted to give you a look at what makes FIFA 19 so great, from how the franchise is built to what fans can expect from future versions.

We had some amazing games this year, and we hope we’ll continue to have great games next year.

This is our list of the games you’ll want to be excited about in 2018:As with any year, the first part of the year is the most exciting and most challenging.

We can’t promise any of the new titles will be as good as the first or even the second.

But there will be some great new games coming out, and some of them you’ll love.

That said, the games that are truly new to this year are some of our favorites, because of their unique approaches to multiplayer and online gameplay.

We also have some great games to cover this year.

Here are a few:Here’s a look back at the best 2017 in video game history.

Read more in the “Best of 2017” series.

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