What Facebook is doing to boost sales of its digital ads

Facebook is starting to show the results of a major push it has been making for years to make its digital advertising more relevant to people’s lives.

The social media giant has rolled out new ad features to advertisers to better understand people’s motivations for buying their products and services and to better target those users to the right places.

The first feature that Facebook rolled out on Thursday is a new “personalization” feature, which allows advertisers to customize the ads that appear in their posts.

This will allow them to target specific users with ads based on a set of preferences.

This will allow advertisers to target users based on their interests and interests groups, according to Facebook.

Advertisers will also be able to “target” specific users by using the ad network Facebook’s AdMob platform.

AdMob, a platform used by a number of companies including Google and Amazon, will be able use Facebook’s data to create ads that show users in different ways.

The ads will then be shown to specific people.

For example, advertisers will be shown a photo of a woman with an earring in her ear while a man is holding a pen, or a woman is wearing a pink dress, with a white dress shirt and pink tie.

These ads will show up in ads on Facebook that include those types of photos and descriptions.

Ads with these ads will be better targeted to users with interests that match that of those in the ad group.

Facebook is also working on another feature called “targeted content,” which will allow the company to provide advertisers with a specific type of content that they can show in their ads, rather than just a specific picture.

This new feature will allow for more personalized content that advertisers can use to target their ads to users who might be more likely to respond to those ads.

In a blog post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said advertisers will now be able choose to send the ads to specific groups, instead of just showing them to all users at once.

The company also said the new features will allow Facebook to better serve targeted ads that match a user’s interests.

“We want to be as specific as possible about what people care about, and what interests they’re seeking out, so that advertisers get the most relevant ads to their customers,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook also said it would work with advertising networks like Google and Microsoft to improve the way ads are displayed to people.

In the future, Zuckerberg said, Facebook would be working with other tech companies and companies that already do business on Facebook to bring these tools to the world of advertising.

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