Why is digital marketing so important?

Digital marketing is an industry that has seen a lot of changes over the past few years, and it has a lot to offer.

Here are the reasons why.


More people are consuming content on a daily basis.

According to Nielsen, the average age of digital marketers is now 38.2, up from 36.3 in 2014.

This trend is likely due to the growth of mobile devices, as well as an increase in the use of social media and video on smartphones.


More brands and advertisers are embracing digital marketing.

Brands are beginning to adopt digital marketing tactics to reach more consumers.

For example, brands are utilizing social media to build buzz for products and services, and advertisers have begun using social media marketing to reach their target audiences.


More and more businesses are incorporating digital marketing into their marketing strategies.

According a 2016 Nielsen study, 60 percent of small businesses surveyed said they were incorporating digital into their business processes.


Digital marketing campaigns have become more effective.

The latest Nielsen report from 2015 shows that digital marketing campaigns increased by 1.3 percentage points in 2015, from 10.5 million impressions per month to 12.5.


The value of digital marketing is growing.

In 2017, digital marketing reached $5.6 billion in revenue, up 16 percent from $521 million in 2016.

The average amount of revenue spent on digital marketing increased from $1,879 per month in 2017 to $1 and $2,400 per month, respectively.


More businesses are adopting digital marketing methods.

More than a third of all small businesses (31 percent) surveyed by the Marketing Innovation Institute said they are using digital marketing for content marketing.


Digital media is a hot topic.

More small businesses are using video, mobile apps and other digital marketing tools to reach new audiences.


It’s becoming easier to use digital marketing strategies to reach your audience.

According the 2016 Nielsen report, digital media is gaining traction among consumers and businesses across the country.

The growth of digital media has made it easier for consumers to engage with brands, and companies are finding new ways to reach a more digital audience.


Companies are using a variety of digital and traditional marketing methods to drive their digital marketing strategy.

In 2016, nearly 25 percent of companies surveyed by Marketing Innovation reported that they had adopted an online campaign strategy.


The impact of digital advertising on digital businesses is increasing.

The 2017 Marketing Innovation Report shows that consumers are spending more time online, and digital advertising has the potential to boost sales and boost brand loyalty.

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