When Google shuts down your blog: How to keep it alive

New Orleans, LA — The blog of a local artist and filmmaker is shutting down after he was allegedly forced to cancel his book deal with Google.

The artist, whose name is not being released, is suing the search giant over what he says is the way he was denied access to his art in its online library.

“Google, they’ve forced me to cancel my book deal,” said the artist, who goes by the pseudonym Jack Jones.

“I’m a white, male, heterosexual, American artist.”

The artist has been writing about his experiences in the digital world since 2008 and says Google has tried to lock down access to some of his work in recent months.

After he cancelled his book contract with Google, Jones says his online profile was disabled for months.

The artist says the Google search engine is not allowing his name to be used and blocked all mentions of him on Google’s search results.

Jones says he was asked to change his last name on his profile to avoid being listed as a “white male artist.”

He says he had to change it to “Jack Jones” for the Google site to recognize his work.

Jones says he got the same notice and email he received from Google in the past, but says Google told him to ignore it.

He says Google blocked his name from its search results and other online services because it was linked to his address, not his email address.

Jones said he found out about Google’s decision to block his name after his blog was locked down.

He says the company also blocked his account from its advertising platform.

Jones has filed a lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

Google spokesperson Katie Lutcher told MSNBC that the company would “look into this matter and provide a response when appropriate.”

She said Google had been working with the artist for months to reach an agreement to keep his online content online.

She added that the service had no plans to shut down his blog.

Lutcher said the company is also working with other artists to offer them access to their online content through a partnership with Google Creative Search.

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