How to optimize your digital marketing efforts

On the heels of the election of Donald Trump, a number of media outlets have been taking aim at the industry as a whole.

And while the election has had a significant impact on the industry, there are still a number companies and brands that are actively working to grow their business.

Here are six of the companies that have been targeted for their digital strategy and tactics and how they are responding.1.

Fox Sports Digital MediaGroup, Fox Sports MediaGroup is a leading digital marketing agency focused on digital advertising.

The company has worked on some of the most successful campaigns of the past few years, including Super Bowl 50, the MLB All-Star Game, and the NBA All-star game.

The sports agency has also worked with some of TV’s biggest networks, including ESPN, ESPN2,, and

The studio is currently working on its second digital campaign for a new NBA team, but it has previously worked with Fox Sports.2.

NBCUniversal Digital, NBCUniversal is a major digital agency, and it has worked with both the NFL and NBA to grow its digital marketing team.

The agency is currently using its digital and social media platforms to build a digital presence, but is also using social media and mobile to help promote the company’s digital products and services.

In 2016, the agency partnered with the NFL on a digital marketing campaign for the league’s home games.

In addition, the company is currently collaborating with the NBA on a new social media campaign.3.

Wieden+Kennedy, Wiedenhofer & Kennedy is an advertising agency that has worked closely with several major brands including Coca-Cola, Nike, and Verizon.

W&K also recently worked with Google on a partnership to build and market the Wiedener+Kennys mobile app.

The W&L digital strategy is a significant part of their overall digital strategy, and they have worked with the likes of NBCUniversal, Disney, and Disney+ to build an online presence.4.

The Walt Disney Company, The Walt D. Disney Company has worked hard on building their digital and digital media strategy.

The firm has worked in partnership with CBS, NBC, CBS Interactive, ESPN, CBS Sports, Disney Channel, and others to grow a digital and mobile presence, while also using the platforms to promote their products and their businesses.

In 2018, the Disney Company partnered with ABC News Digital to launch a digital campaign.5.

Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Broadcasting has also partnered with many major media outlets, including CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC and others.

The Fox Broadcasting Digital Strategy is a focus for the firm, as they have partnered with multiple major media platforms, including Time Warner, Viacom, ESPN and others, to grow digital and local advertising.6.

Comcast Digital, Comcast Digital is a digital agency that was recently added to the list of top digital agencies.

The digital agency has worked extensively with NBCUniversal and ESPN, and is also working with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and other digital partners to build their digital presence.

The digital strategy has been in place for some time, but Comcast has been actively expanding their digital reach since the election, particularly with digital platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

They have partnered up with Twitter to create the Twitter account that the company has been using to promote its brands, and are also using its social media platform to promote and promote its digital properties.7.

Viacos Digital, VICOs Digital has been working with a number media outlets on a number digital and media strategy strategies.

The group is working with Fox News Digital and ESPN to create a digital strategy.

VICos Digital has also developed a video strategy for their content.8.

CBS Digital, CBS Digital is the largest media agency in the U.S. and has a large digital footprint.

CBS is working closely with the major media companies to build the digital and content strategies they have been working on for years.

In 2017, CBS partnered with Google and Yahoo to launch the CBS News Video strategy.9.

ESPN Digital, ESPN Digital is an ad agency that is primarily focused on the NFL, but they are also working to build out their digital capabilities.

ESPN is working to create an online video and digital presence and also has partnered with Fox, ESPN+, Disney, VIA and others on various digital initiatives.10.

Verizon Digital, Verizon Digital is also an ad company focused on TV, but has also built out a digital footprint in the past.

Verizon is working in partnership to develop a video and social strategy.11.

Microsoft Digital, Microsoft Digital has worked heavily with Microsoft on a series of digital and video strategies, including an online campaign for Surface, an online strategy for Skype, and an online and mobile strategy for Bing.12.

Adobe Digital, Adobe Digital is one of the biggest digital agencies in the world, and their digital marketing strategies are very focused on video and content.

Adobe has partnered up closely with ESPN, Fox

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