How digital marketing can make your business more sustainable

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new survey of 500 digital marketers says there’s one key ingredient that all businesses need to get started in digital marketing.

It’s called the Digital Marketing Expert (DME).

The survey, which was conducted by digital marketing expert Robert Ragan and published Wednesday, also found that for every $1 invested in digital, $2 in marketing dollars is saved.

The DME is the newest iteration of the online training tool, and it’s available to anyone with a website, including small businesses and nonprofits.

It helps digital marketers identify the right audience, develop a business plan and determine what’s effective to reach those audiences.

Ragan says he first saw digital marketing on a newsstand in the 1970s.

That was the era of the Internet.

It was the way you could access information and share ideas on the Internet, and now, he says, it’s become a major part of the way people interact online.

The survey was designed to test the DME’s efficacy, and the results were mixed.

About 70 percent of respondents said they use the tool for online marketing, but only about 50 percent said they spend a significant amount of time using it.

The survey also found, however, that many digital marketers think that DME has a higher return on investment than the training tools available online.

Rahan said the study showed the Dme has potential.

But, he added, it has to be more robust, especially in the early stages.

He said it’s a learning tool that is well-rounded, with a variety of exercises to help marketers better understand how their audience is using the platform.

It’s a great training tool for anyone who wants to get into digital marketing, he said.

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