New York City-based digital marketing firm has ‘very high’ conversion rates on Facebook, LinkedIn

The new digital marketing agency founded by former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and former LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is very well-suited to handling Facebook advertising campaigns, according to the head of its Los Angeles office.

Mark Krakauer, who joined the agency as head of digital media for the Los Angeles-based company in December, said he is confident the agency will be successful.

The agency’s head of global digital, Kevin Janssens, said Facebook advertising has a much higher conversion rate on the social network than LinkedIn advertising.

Krakauers team has seen a lot of growth on the platform, and we’re very confident that we will be able to do well on the platforms,” Krakowski told CNBC.

Facebook is known for its highly personalized advertising, with personalized ads tailored to the content, audience and brand of the advertiser.

The platform’s algorithms analyze billions of pages and create targeted ads based on a user’s interests and behaviors.

For the agency, Krakowsky said it has seen its first real success with ads that target people in specific niches.

The agency is targeting people in sports, fashion and beauty, Krikowski said.

He said the agency’s ads are aimed at people in that group, which is a key demographic for Facebook advertising.

While the agency has seen success with targeted ads, Kukowski said it is important to be able not only to reach and engage people, but also reach and convert them.

Facebook ads are the platform’s primary method of reaching its users, Karkowski said, adding that there are several ways advertisers can reach their target audience.”

Facebook is an incredible platform for a lot people.

That’s why we think this is a great platform for us to build a platform for our clients.””

We think the more content that people see on Facebook the more likely they are to convert.

That’s why we think this is a great platform for us to build a platform for our clients.”

Krakowski said the company’s goal is to reach 1 billion users worldwide.

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