Introduction of Content marketing

Definition of content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing aims at attracting and retaining customer.

Your content should be informative and beneficial to customers.

Content marketing should be used to enhance and change the behavior of the consumer.

The ultimate goal of providing this information is to attract more visitors who, over time, will convert into leads.


Content Marketing - Rules

  1. Put your customer first – Use your content to be profitable to people get it.
  2. Give your knowledge away, for free – Value your customer in advance.
  3. Think niche – If business is to go ahead, the content should be related and interesting.
  4. Tell a Good story – Get your customer together with a good story your business is related too.
  5. Make your content unique - As far as content is concerned, uniqueness is the main parameter that allows you to stay above in a competitive world.
  6. Make your content relevant - If you are a local brand which wants to tap into the local market, your focus should be on answering the key questions asked by your local target audience.
  7. Write from the heart – anything that is written genuine and related to your business and services.


Advantage of Content marketing

Increase site visits from search engine:-

Consistently delivering good content adds traffic to the website. Make your niche related valuable content that allows people to stay on your website for long periods of time and use in the future. The more you get traffic on your website the longer the traffic on your website can increase.

Social Media following:-

The value of your services give people will follow you through your update on social media.

Trust Building:-

Content proceed to replicate your site visit and generate value in consumer minds.

More Leeds:-

If you solve customer problems, there will be more sign up on your newsletters and more confidence in your service and will increase your website traffic.

Increased Brand Loyalty:-

Brand loyalty is the best way to attract customer. Content helps you gain customers first by converting readers to first-time buyers, and then continues on to influence those first-time buyers to become repeat customers.

Most Popular Content Type


Regularly uploads your Business and services related blog to your website. People will read blog so whoever is interested in it will visit your website to increase your websites traffic.


advantage of using video in content marketing use to create authority in mind of users by using both visuals together leading to better content appreciation.


By creating valuable image, we can attract our customer. This is a great way to deliver our business into customers mind.

Working on content idea:-

  1. Create buyer persona
  2. Build keyword ideas for different stage
  3. Use advance tools to add more relevant ideas
  4. Start down keyword



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