How to win the digital marketing market

With digital marketing reaching an all-time high, and an ever-increasing number of clients demanding more, there is a growing trend towards online marketing.And with many clients looking to spend more, it is no surprise that the most profitable digital marketing package is one where you can get a percentage of

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5 reasons why digital marketing is booming in 2020

Digital marketing has emerged as a lucrative opportunity in the last year.The biggest winners have been marketers with established brands and agencies.A recent survey by eMarketer shows that the number of marketers who started using digital marketing to promote their brands has doubled since 2020.In the same time, the number

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Hubspot, Netflix and Spotify: Why the companies want to work together

Hubspot’s growth has accelerated since its acquisition by Netflix in 2015, and it’s investing in a new digital marketing strategy with the aim of getting its new content on more devices and at more times.The acquisition brings Hubspot to a number of platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV,

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“The Secret Life of Walter White” stars Will Smith, Jesse Plemons, Laura Dern, and Ben Schwartz as undercover FBI agents who track a criminal mastermind behind a massive and multi-layered conspiracy that threatens America’s health care system

We’ve already seen the trailers, but we know now that “The Special Relationship” will introduce us to the real-life Walter White.In the teaser trailer, the “special relationship” refers to the relationship between the FBI and the White family, a secret society of people who operate behind the scenes to ensure

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When the future of digital marketing begins to blur

The world of digital advertising is getting crowded.As more businesses and brands try to engage with consumers through digital marketing tools and content, new business models are popping up.As digital advertising moves beyond traditional channels and into more integrated digital channels, some companies and industries are embracing the new opportunities

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What does digital marketing look like in Canada?

Ottawa’s digital marketing industry is booming, with the sector generating $3.3 billion in revenues in 2016.In the first half of 2017, revenues grew 12.7 per cent to $2.9 billion.But there are some challenges facing digital marketers and their businesses.A few trends are on display in the new year, and there

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New York City-based digital marketing firm has ‘very high’ conversion rates on Facebook, LinkedIn

The new digital marketing agency founded by former Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and former LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is very well-suited to handling Facebook advertising campaigns, according to the head of its Los Angeles office.Mark Krakauer, who joined the agency as head of digital media for the Los Angeles-based company

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