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Which sport has the best digital marketing toolkit?

Digital marketing is about more than just marketing on social media and in email.It’s about the tools that allow people to communicate with their friends, family and business.This is where a company’s digital marketing efforts can really pay off.For many of these companies, the tools they use to drive their

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5 reasons why digital marketing is booming in 2020

Digital marketing has emerged as a lucrative opportunity in the last year.The biggest winners have been marketers with established brands and agencies.A recent survey by eMarketer shows that the number of marketers who started using digital marketing to promote their brands has doubled since 2020.In the same time, the number

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Hubspot, Netflix and Spotify: Why the companies want to work together

Hubspot’s growth has accelerated since its acquisition by Netflix in 2015, and it’s investing in a new digital marketing strategy with the aim of getting its new content on more devices and at more times.The acquisition brings Hubspot to a number of platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV,

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When the future of digital marketing begins to blur

The world of digital advertising is getting crowded.As more businesses and brands try to engage with consumers through digital marketing tools and content, new business models are popping up.As digital advertising moves beyond traditional channels and into more integrated digital channels, some companies and industries are embracing the new opportunities

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When are we looking at digital signage?

Orlando-based digital signage company Digital Signs is set to open its second location in Orlando next week.The company has plans to add more locations in the Orlando area and around the country in the coming years.The Orlando location will be the first to be built in Orlando, and it will

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How digital marketing can make your business more sustainable

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new survey of 500 digital marketers says there’s one key ingredient that all businesses need to get started in digital marketing.It’s called the Digital Marketing Expert (DME).The survey, which was conducted by digital marketing expert Robert Ragan and published Wednesday, also found that for every $1

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How to make your digital marketing plan work online

In this case, it’s an online marketing strategy designed to drive more engagement with a product or service that’s already there.What does this mean?In this scenario, the campaign will be designed to build trust and increase customers’ likelihood of spending money on a product and service.That’s a key ingredient for

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Why digital marketing is the new ‘crisis’

Digital marketing is a $1.8 trillion industry, and it’s changing the way businesses make money.This week, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a report that’s likely to put digital advertising in a position of growing urgency.The report, published by the Commerce Department’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer, finds that

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Why digital marketing is important to digital brands

Digital marketing is one of the hottest topics right now in Australia.We’re constantly bombarded with information about how to do it right and what to look for when it comes to digital marketing.We also have the new digital advertising industry in Australia and its impact is still being felt.However, as

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