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Why the digital marketing cost is so high in 2018

A cost-of-doing-business analysis has identified the digital market as the most challenging for marketers to effectively manage.A study conducted by a digital marketing consulting firm for a new study published by The Washington Post, found that the cost of running a digital campaign can run as high as $3.2 million,

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How to plan a digital marketing summit in Houston

The Houston Rockets are hosting an online conference on digital marketing this month and are looking to get people involved.The Houston Chronicle is hosting a conference in the city on May 11.The event is designed to share insights on marketing trends and tactics.The panel will include influencers, consultants, marketing executives

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How to make digital marketing work for your business

With all the new ways to engage customers and make money from their digital purchases, it can be tough to understand exactly how to go about creating and delivering compelling digital content.This series aims to help.Read moreAbout the authors:A.J. DeMora is the president and CEO of Digital Marketing Solutions Ltd.,

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What will you be doing with the $3.5 billion you’ve raised?

A4D Digital Marketing Digital Marketing for businesses with a digital marketing strategy.A4d is a digital platform that offers a number of services including, SEO, social media, and social marketing.The platform has been used for advertising campaigns in the U.S. since 2008.A lot of companies are using A4ds as part of

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How to find digital marketing talent in your area

A digital marketing intern is needed to help your team build a digital marketing platform and manage your online advertising sales.The internship is a great way to gain experience, connect with the industry and earn money.Start your career with this internship in digital marketing in your city.article The Digital Marketing

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‘We’re not going to lose this’: The digital marketers who’ve been hit by the Brexit referendum

Digital marketers have been under intense scrutiny over the past few days.Some of them have taken to social media to explain why they are losing business.Others are even sharing personal experiences with the impact of Brexit on their lives.And then there are the companies that are simply not doing enough.The

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